Exposing your images correctly isn’t as hard as you might think. But it’s definitely something most people struggle with at the beginning.

Exposure Videos for Video, Filmmaking, and Photography

Filmmaking Basics

Every time I looked at it, I felt irritated. It was ugly. It didn’t match.

How To Record Non-Sucky Interview Audio with a Shotgun Microphone

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Actually, my butt got dive-bombed. This is a first for me. I reached up to begin a sun salutation, bent forward, and then BAM!

These 3 Video Interview Tips Will Save Your Next Film Shoot

Filmmaking Basics

It hasn’t been an aggressive campaign. It’s been a more casual on-again-off-again campaign. But no matter what I said, he expressed zero interest. 

This One Thing Will Transform Your Filmmaking

Filmmaking Basics

When it comes to film lighting, you need to get this ONE thing right. It’s the basis of more than half the lighting you’ll do.

Film Lighting: Why Clouds Are Your Friends When Making Films and Videos

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And mildly idiotic. But I’m going to tell you about it anyway because there’s something important we need to talk about today. 

How to Get Your Video Noticed and Capture Attention

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The lighting was perfect. Their smile was sparkling – or at least not totally scary. There were no random poles jumping out of their heads. Or herbs stuck in their teeth,

Blurred Background Video: How to Get a Nice Blurry Background When Filming!

Video Editing

You’ve got a camera, or you’re thinking of buying one and you want to know what the best lens for video is. Great! But there’s one problem, the answer to this question is nuanced.

The Best Lens For Video Hands Down

Filmmaking Basics

If your video’s not working it might be the music. Read on to find out how to get good music for your videos.

How to Pick Good Background Music for a Video

Video Editing

FACT: you don't need fancy gear to get started with filmmaking. But you do need some basics. This guide and checklist will walk you through the simple gear that you need to start filmmaking. If this is the year YOU become a filmmaker, then this is for you.

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