Energy Management

If you want to be a filmmaker then you need to have tons of energy! Here are some of my energy management tips to get you out of a slump.

19 Energy Management Tips to Boost Energy If You’re a Creative

Personal Development

No matter where you are in your filmmaking journey, you can experience the paralyzing fear of doing it wrong. Sound familiar?

How to Overcome the Fear of DOING IT WRONG as a Filmmaker

Filmmaking Basics

Are your fears preventing you from taking the next big step on your filmmaking journey? Learn more about how to deal.

Fear, Gifts and Filmmaking: How to Take the Next Big Step

Learn Filmmaking

Time to get more done? These productivity secrets will help you master the art of doing what matters and deleting the rest.

Productivity Secrets: How to Be More Productive and Happy as a Creative

Personal Development

Wondering if you can get started filmmaking using JUST your cell phone? You can. Learn how!

iPhone Filmmaking for Beginners: Tools, Tips and Accessories

Filmmaking Basics

It was a Casio digital point and shoot that took pretty ok photos and videos. This camera went ALL over Ecuador. It’s seen the jungle the coast and many many volcanos!

Don’t Buy A New Camera…Do This Instead

Filmmaking Techniques

What equipment do you actually need to get started with filmmaking? Find out in this video and blog post.

Filmmaking Equipment for Beginners

Filmmaking Basics

How can you make your videos, films, family vacation footage, amateur art house movies, corporate videos…more cinematic?

How To Make Cinematic Videos

Filmmaking Basics

If you’ve every struggled with a creative block or tried to get clear and your next best creative step, this is for you.

Reflections on Deep Creative Magic and My Sound Bath Experiences

Personal Development

FACT: you don't need fancy gear to get started with filmmaking. But you do need some basics. This guide and checklist will walk you through the simple gear that you need to start filmmaking. If this is the year YOU become a filmmaker, then this is for you.

Get the Solo Filmmaking Gear Guide & Checklist for Beginners

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