The Proven 6 Week Pathway for Becoming a Solo Filmmaker

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Solo Filmmaking Class: Learn Filmmaking in this 6-Week Online Film Production Course

The step-by-step guided Solo Filmmaking success pathway for multi-passionate creatives who want to make visually compelling videos and micro films that tell a story!

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    This online filmmaking course isn't for everyone. I don't want to waste your time. And I want to make sure you GET results. The course is NOT for you if:

    x You're already a professional or advanced filmmaker.
    x  You only want to make feature films.
    x  You absolutely do not want to start with docu-style films.
    x  You have no time available this summer for filmmaking.
    x  You don't own a computer.
    x  You're scared of technology. 
    x  You have zero problem-solving skills.
    x  You don't love stories! Um, deal breaker. 
    x  You're exclusively interested in viral videomaking. 
    x  You don't believe in aliens.... 👽 (Just kidding! Or am I?)

    OK, so if you're NONE of the above, this might be a good fit. Keep reading - or enroll already! 

    But FIrST...who is this NOT for?

    You’re a busy professional or multi-passionate creative with the dream of making films and videos that audiences actually want to watch!

    But you don’t have time to drop everything and go to film school.

    That’s a 4-year full-time commitment. Who has time for that?

    And of course there's also the cost of traditional films schools...$100K anyone?

    So instead you spend hours writing screenplays, or watching YouTube tutorials, or taking a bunch of random mini courses where the instructor is nowhere to be found. 

    The problem is that you're not making the kind of progress you'd like to make!

    And the instruction online is sorely lacking.

    You're stuck thinking about filmmaking rather than actually creating films and learning in the process.

    What to do?  

    The answer: grow your skills as a solo filmmaker following a step-by-step process.

    So, Who Is this Filmmaking Course For?

    Instead of trying to make a feature film right out of the gate — or spending 6 months getting a short narrative film off the ground — you can start making visually compelling micro films as a solo filmmaker.

    In this online filmmaking course, you'll learn how to shoot, edit, tell cohesive stories, and become a visual storyteller and producer.

    You'll gain confidence from practicing in the field and making documentary-style micro films. 

    And you won't waste hundreds of hours watching tutorials.

    “Run-and-gun” or docu-style solo filmmaking is the answer for anyone who doesn't want to keep pushing back the timeline on making films.

    It's a great primer for you no matter what your future filmmaking goals happen to be. 

    Whether you want to do scripted work, docs, short films, features, or become a pro content creator, this course will give you a solid foundation.

    You'll learn how to do everything so you won't be relying on a crew.

    You'll become a producer, director, and a confident shooter and editor.

    This program is best suited for creatives who love storytelling and are ready to take small consistent steps. If you like the idea of creative freedom and you don't want to wait for "permission" to make films, solo filmmaking is the right path.

    By the way, you don’t have to be a genius at storytelling. You just have to LOVE stories! 

    Cut To: An Online Filmmaking Course for Busy Creatives Who Don’t Have Time to Waste

    for creatives!

    ENROLMENT OPEN Until JUNE 30th, 11:59 PST.

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    Why THIS Filmmaking Class Actually Works

    This online program works for two main reasons:

    1) You're not on your own.

     You'll have a teacher and coach who will answer your questions and give you feedback. You're not going to be in an empty internet vacuum wondering if you're doing things right.

    2) This step-by-step process is foolproof.

    For real. Learning filmmaking isn't a dark art.

    If you follow a particular set of steps, you'll make progress. And you'll become a solo filmmaker. It's that simple.

    If you do the steps, you get the skills.

    If you do the steps in order, you save time.

    Gain Skills, Not Piles of Useless Information 

    Most programs just give you a bunch of information but no skills.

    In this course, you’ll gain the skills you need to become a solo filmmaker.

    And you'll create your first beautifully crafted micro film. 

    If you're still charged up with enthusiasm at the end of the course, you can keep going with the Advanced Bonus Program and make your first legit documentary-style film incorporating sound.

    Live Filmmaking Calls and Genuinely Helpful Asynchronous Coaching

    This course is yours for life, so you can take your time if you like.

    However, when you join the summer intensive, you'll get weekly live calls and feedback from your filmmaking instructor and coach for 6 weeks.

    If you want to ask a bazillion questions and see faster growth, then a live program is your best bet.

    In addition to the live calls, we have an asynchronous coaching space.

    You'll share your work, get feedback, and ask every darn question you have! 

    We'll give you comprehensive answers and motivational boosts!

    We’ll determine the times based on a survey of the cohort upon finalization of enrolment.

    Step-by-Step Learning Is Less Frustrating

    How humans learn hasn't changed much since the cave-dwelling era.

    We need to learn new info. Then apply that info by doing a small project.

    Then we need to add more related info. And apply that on top.

    We need to keep scaling up our projects gradually.

    You’ll become a filmmaking by gaining filmmaking skills in a step-by-step manner, slowly building your confidence and technical abilities.

    Each lesson builds on the previous, so you're never lost or stuck.

    Look, you'll still get frustrated with Premiere Pro (editing software) at times. 

    That's normal.

    But your frustration will be relatively low since you're following a logical sequence.

    You don't have to become a filmmaker alone!

    Build your filmmaking skills as you work with a coach and teacher who cares about your dreams and success.

    What You Can Expect

    If you’ve done some online learning in the past, you might be used to hearing big promises and seeing very little results.

    This program is different.

    It’s designed to get you making micro films right away. It replicates my filmmaking journey - going from enthusiastic beginner to pro. 

    This filmmaking class is focused on getting you RESULTS.

    It provides tons of support while also giving you the step-by-step process you need to succeed on your filmmaking journey.

    It will meet you where you’re at technically—with the gear that you have—and elevate your skills quickly.

    Start with Simple Gear

    A short and easy gear list is included in this course. But here's a mini breakdown:

    1 - You’ll need a camera - any DSLR or mirrorless camera is fine. You can also do this entire course with an iPhone or other smart phone.

    2 - You'll need a computer and a subscription to Premiere Pro editing software. ($20/mo)

    3 - You’ll also need a cheap and simple tripod

    You DO NOT need to spend $10,000 on gear to take this course. You’ll learn how to make films based on skill not fancy gear.


    Gain Solo Filmmaking Chops!

    This course focuses exclusively on solo filmmaking skills.

    As a solo filmmaker you need to know how to plan a production, come up with a story, and edit your footage. With no outside help.

    But because you'll know how to do everything, you'll also be able to hire or work with a a crew in the future if that's part of your master plan.

    You Don't Need a Crew

    Learn to Produce

    Without a production system, you’ll probably never finish your filmmaking projects.

    Or if you do, it’ll take months longer than it should. In this course, you’ll learn a production system that’s fail-proof, scalable, and repeatable.

    You’ll have the solo production skills necessary to bring any filmmaking project to life.

    Plenty of people can use a video camera or shoot decent clips on their cell phone.

    But almost nobody knows how to take a filmmaking project from idea to completion. Because that’s not a technical skill - that’s a production skill.

    Production Skills are Key!

    Meet Your Guides

    Colette Nichol


    Hi! I'm Colette


    Hi, I'm Colette Nichol

    I’ve been making micro films since 2013.

    I started out just like you - with no skills and no network. 

    In my first year learning filmmaking, I made ALL the mistakes. 

    My footage was scary. My digital cinematography skills were beyond dicey. And nobody was impressed by my work. 

    But I kept at it!

    I made 25 micro films in the span of a year, improving with each one.

    The going was rough. I made a lot of crappy videos.

    I spent too many hours watching YouTube videos that made me feel like an idiot.

    I read (almost) every single book on filmmaking in the Vancouver Public Library. Um, that was A LOT of books!

    And finally, things started to turn around. My videos became "not bad." And then...OK.

    And then good! Huzzah!

    And pretty soon I decided to start a video production business!

    A few years later, a client and friend asked me to teacher how to make films.

    And so...the Solo Filmmaking Course was born!

    Monique Efta


    Hi! I'm Monique


    Monique is a Solo Filmmaking Mentorship grad!

    She's a cinematographer with a passion for telling unique stories.

    Born and raised in the Midwest, Monique has a wild imagination, creative spirit, and an infectiously weird sense of humour. 

    After travelling the world as a youth minister, Monique decide to leave the church and become a filmmaker. 

    Which, of course, landed her in Hollywood!

    Monique has since created award winning music videos, short films, and is developing her debut screenplay.

    Monique resides in California and dreams of one day having a rescue dog ranch.

    Side note: Monique has a huge heart and an intuitive sense of how to encourage and give feedback.

    We are lucky to have her for the summer intensive!

    How It Works

    Enrol in the online course. You'll get a login for the member space right away where you can get started with the Prep Week activites. 


    Put it on your calendar. You'll be focusing on filmmaking from July 8th to August 16th. Your prep week is July 1st to 7th.


    Are you ready? You'll learn how to shoot, edit and produce your own films as a solo filmmaker!


    Very easy to follow as a beginner student.


    I’m loving this course! 

    I love the way you have broken the editing up into thirds, and the way you’re pacing the content through the lessons. 

    It makes it so much easier to digest everything and learn how each piece fits together.

    I'm finding it a lot of fun to dig into Adobe Premiere. I'm literally just following your instructions step-by-step and finding for the first time ever that a video editing program is making sense.

    I've been really into working with the manual settings and tried out a bunch of different videos over the past couple of weeks. Your explanation about the Exposure Triangle really made sense and for the first time in my life I think I'm finally grasping these concepts! So kudos to your teaching.

    Awesome videos, btw. So helpful and very easy to follow as a beginner student. I'm just going to have to keep revisiting them until the process feels natural. It's also really helpful to have both the video and the pdf script.

    And, I LOVE your sound guide. Seriously. It's funny, entertaining, helpful and informative all at the same time. And trust me, I've watched a lot of sound gear/what to buy guides over the years and "entertaining" is not a word I would use to describe these types of videos.

    I appreciate how you broke everything down really clearly and also laid out different options for people with different budgets in the Sound Gear Buyer’s Guide.

    I'll be coming back to this guide to continue to learn from it the more I feel ready to step up my game!

    MUSICIAN & Multi-passionate creative

    What STUDENTS ARE Saying:

    What's Included:

    ✅ The Manual Exposure Cheat Sheet - your key to getting every last drop of goodness out of your camera

    ✅ How to capture skin tones and lifelike colours even if you’re dealing with weird lighting

    ✅ The Stringout Method of video editing that will get even a beginner working quickly

    ✅ The two rules of video editing and why you must NEVER break them

    ✅ The Magic Bin System of clip organization and why it’s so important to your long term success as a video editor

    ✅ The Five Star lighting technique and why it will never let you down

    ✅ How to create a basic shot list which you can work from on the fly

    ✅ The three basic camera settings you need to master if you want to build a strong foundation

    ✅ How to master the first ten seconds of a micro film

    ✅ Why framing a shot the right way will draw your viewer into the story

    ✅ The two types of light and why shadows are actually more important than light

    ✅ Colour temperature settings and why this is a game changer for your footage

    ✅How to find interesting subjects all around you, easily and without stress

    ✅ The one thing actors can teach filmmakers about storytelling

    ✅ How to use the power of visual desire to create your shot list even if you leave it until the last minute

    ✅ The three main shots used in micro filmmaking and why they’re vital for online viewing

    ✅ The Foolproof Shoot Plan and how to get the story and the shots you need even if you only have a few days or hours to prepare

    ✅ A production system that has been tested on over 100 film shoots without ever failing

    ✅ Printable checklists and cheat sheets that simplify the filmmaking production process from start to finish and prevent you from missing anything or getting lost

    ✅ Why planning is your main defence against bad footage + how to quickly plan every single shoot

    ✅ A repeatable production system that can scale up for bigger projects but is simple enough to keep small projects moving forward quickly (no spreadsheets or complex docs!)

    ✅ Why shot lists will save you from yourself and ensure you’ve got enough footage to edit

    ✅ The Hour of Genius: Choosing the right time of day to do your interviews based on sound, lighting, and your subjects’ ideal schedule

    ✅ The only framing rule you’ll ever need....

    ✅ How to choose your filming location to maximize production values

    ✅ The Hero’s Journey story structure method for micro films

    ✅ How to keep your viewers’ attention through careful shot selection

    ✅ The Power Triangle of moving pictures and how to leverage it to make better micro films

    ✅ The two most important aspects of powerful filmmaking and how to use them in your own online films

    ✅ How to use your inner toddler to judge your footage and why this’ll make your edit tighter

    5 hours per week to dedicate to filmmaking for the duration of the course.

    Computer with Premiere Pro:
    You'll need to have a subscription to Premiere Pro for the duration of the course.

    Your computer must be able to power up Premiere Pro.

    Most new computers are capable of this. If your computer has 16GB RAM, you should be good to go.

    If you have 8GB RAM that's enough. I'll show you some tricks to help if you have a slower computer.

    Any camera will do. You can use your cell phone. But you'll probably have more fun if you're using a DSLR, Mirrorless, or even an old-school camcorder! It's nice to a camera that's just for filmmaking, but it's not required.

    Humans and/or Animals:
    You'll need to have some people or moving subjects that you can access to create your projects. 

    I don't recommend trying to film yourself for all the projects.

    You'll need about 30-minutes of someone's time per project. If you're really in a pinch, you can always go film urban nature critters or robots.

    What You'll Need:

    the stuff!

    A real confidence booster.


    This course was a real confidence booster for me personally.

    I feel confident in my ability to tell stories and feel I’m on a good path to learn more about this process, and to become more technically capable in film production and editing.

    Having a few finished films I can now show people has already led to some interesting projects people are proposing…volunteer so far, but that is a good start.

    Before the summer I was all talk and no show!

    Your course is very well thought out and it is obvious you have put a lot of time, creative thinking, and content development into making it effective for learners.

    I really appreciated your responsiveness to my many questions, and how you added new content to the course along the way if something new emerged that would be helpful to me and others.

     I’m so thankful I found you on the internet and am very appreciative of all your help, guidance, and encouragement over the past several months!


    What STUDENTS ARE Saying:

    You won't be waiting to start editing. This key skill isn't hard when you have a step-by-step process. Learn the unbreakable rules of editing and start putting together your first micro edit. 

    Filmmaking Course Curriculum

    Editing Essentials

    LESSON 2


    Learn shot sequencing and start filmmaking right away. Learn the basic elements of digital cinematography that affect the quality of your footage.

    Shooting Basics

    LESSON 1

    There are three things that make moving pictures the most powerful medium of all times. You'll learn these three things and create your next micro shoot with more advanced shot sequencing.

    The Power Triangle

    LESSON 4

    Take your edits from rough cuts to picture lock. This means you're learning the art of refining an edit. And you'll be doing this with a shot sequence that you've created.

    Editing Fine Cut

    LESSON 3

    If you don't know how to capture realistic colours based on colour temperature science then your images will always be somewhat off. Learn how to get skin tones right every time!

    Mastering Colour

    LESSON 6

    If you want to fully master your camera, you need to be able to boss it around. This means grasping manual exposure so deeply that you'll never forget it.

    Mastering Manual

    LESSON 5

    To make a solid short film, you need to be able to edit like a pro and have some special skills up your sleeves. Take your editing to the next level in this final lesson where you'll craft a gorgeous montage-style micro film!

    Advanced Editing

    LESSON 7

    Every single week has a fun assignment that will get you either shooting or editing. This is an active and engaging process of learning to help you gain a skill set that will be yours for life!

    Advanced Editing

    LESSON 7

    Bonus Self-Guided Advanced Training

    BONUS 1

    You get five extra lessons that you can pursue as a self-study. These will take you from your foundational level to an advanced skill set.

    At this stage it's time to go a little deeper into lighting. You'll learn about lighting strategy and how to use studio lights. Then you'll shoot a practice micro film where you focus on storytelling.

    Lighting for Film

    BONUS 3

    Here's where you become a REAL filmmaker. Yep, this is something almost no aspiring filmmaker ever achieves: capturing clean sound and making real films. You'll learn how to shoot your first interview and how to handle sound.

    Capturing Sound!

    BONUS 2

    This is something that many beginners struggle with even if they have a background in photography. Learn to frame up your shots so that they work well when your subject is static or in motion. 

    The Art of Interview Framing

    In this lesson, you'll prep for your first big shoot using my Foolproof Production Cheat Sheets. Then you'll do the shoot, dive into the edit, and complete your very first film. Oh, wait..? I think that means you're officially a filmmaker now!

    Doing a Big Shoot!

    BONUS 5

    This massive lesson in storytelling will really help you hone your storytelling skill set. Because here's the truth: filmmaking is ALL about storytelling. Yet, it's most people's weakest skill set. But not anymore! You'll be a confident storyteller after this.

    Storytelling Boost

    BONUS 4


    Get coaching and feedback! Share your film and video projects and get feedback within the week to help you stay on track and make speedy progress. This is priceless! Getting one-on-one feedback is one of the most valuable things you can have as a new filmmaker. This is what my students rave about!

    VALUE: $3000 US

    Avoid major filmmaking mistakes

    These five advanced bonus lessons include Lens Magic, Storytelling Secrets, Advanced Exposure, Advanced Sound Recording, and Audience Building.

    VALUE: $500 US

    5 advanced bonus TRAININGS to boost your skill set

    Learn how to frame and craft images so that they tell a story. Being a great visual storyteller is what will make your work stand out and capture an audience's attention.

    VALUE: $95 US


    It's normal to get stuck in the midst of a complex edit. In this value-packed training I'll walk you through how to get yourself unstuck.

    VALUE: $95 US


    Cut your editing time in half with shortcuts! Once you get the hang of editing, you'll want to speed things up.

    VALUE: $95 US

    blueprint to speedy editing

    Even the "busiest" of people can create time to become a filmmaker. I know because I tend to pack my days and weeks with A LOT of things. In this training I'll show you how to manage your time and energy to make room for filmmaking.

    VALUE: $95 US


    Not everyone wants to earn an income as a filmmaker. But if you want to work with clients and earn money to pay for gear, your next filmmaking project, or even build a business, then this bonus is for you! You'll get the documents and strategies I used to get my first $2k client. This bonus alone will pay for the entire program and then some!

    VALUE: $2000 US


    Enrolment: June 17th to 30th

    Prep Week:
    July 1st to July 7th

    This self-study prep week is so you can gather your tools and get ready. The asynchronous community space will be open during this period for all your Q&A!

    Program Start Date: July 8th

    Program End Date: August 16th

    What You Get: The Solo Filmmaking Foundational Course, 6 Weeks of Live Support in an online community space hosted by Circle, Coaching and Feedback, Heap Tons of Bonuses

    6 Weekly Live Calls for Q&A: Tuesdays, Times TBD, Replays Available

    First Live Call: July 9th at 4 pm Pacific

    Asynchronous Q&A Space for Support, Coaching, & Feedback:  Opens on July 1st.

    We’ll check the community space 6-days per week to answer questions and give feedback! You can post questions any time as it's open 24-7.

    Max Student Capacity: 20 students

    Price: US $995 or 2 payments of US $545

    Dates, Times, and Pricing

    let's go!

    ENROLMENT OPEN Until JUNE 30th, 11:59 PST.

    ENROll NOW


    The Solo Filmmaker course was a game-changer for me. It got me from just "kinda interested" in filmmaking to passionate about the people in my life and documenting their fascinating, inspiring stories.

    this is the ONLY filmmaking course that I'VE found informative, engaging, and motivating enough to see through to completion.

    Ultimately, I chose this course for all the things that it wasn't. I wasn't interested in filming ads for social media, "going viral", or any of the other claims that 99% of the other courses out there make. It also wasn't a "button-pushing/mouse-clicking" course for this editor or that editor. And it didn't require me to go find a crew. Rather, this is the only comprehensive, start-to-finish filmmaking course that I could find that focused on making actual films about things that mattered to me, that allowed me to have total creative control over every aspect of the film. My friends and I have genuine, authentic, relatable stories that just need to be told and shared, and this course gave me the tools and knowledge to start getting those stories out there!

    The online space is absolutely flooded with filmmaking courses. I've signed up for more of these than I care to admit. Notice I said I "signed up" for the courses and not "completed" the courses.

    Each one of those other courses have left me entirely underwhelmed. Most of them just give you some footage that the course creator filmed, and all it does is teach you how to edit (and not even all that well, in my opinion). And when you have a question or want feedback, your only option is to upload it to the course "Facebook community" where it's most often just other students giving half-informed critiques because the "expert" that you bought the course from is so disengaged.

    I was worried that this was going to be another one of those courses. The difference with this course, was when I spotted a section of the course's website to schedule a virtual one-on-one with Colette, the course creator, herself! This alone set her apart from every other online offering I had seen.

    An instructor that was willing to offer her time to talk to a prospective student (before I even paid a cent for the course) to answer any questions and address any concerns. And it was during this one-on-one when I realized that this instructor, and this course, would be different. I could feel her energy and enthusiasm, not just for filmmaking, but for her students' success. I signed up for the course as soon as we concluded our call!

    And this is the ONLY filmmaking course that I found informative, engaging, and motivating enough to see through to completion.

    The Solo Filmmaker course was a game-changer for me. It got me from just "kinda interested" in filmmaking to passionate about the people in my life and documenting their fascinating, inspiring stories.


    What STUDENTS ARE Saying:

    Every part of the course is useful. There isn't a single filming project where I don't use something from each lesson topic covered in the course.

    But the most useful, for me, was learning how to properly plan and do a thorough pre-production. The really cool thing about this course is that, yes it taught me how to plan a shoot, but it also gave me the tools to be able to improvise and deviate (slightly) from the plan if conditions changed or if certain shot opportunities presented themselves.

    YouTube tutorials are great for researching one very specific thing at a time like, "how do I balance a gimbal?" or "what is white balance?" etc. If I had to learn filmmaking start-to finish one sub-topic at a time, with no structure or order to the lessons it would take FOREVER!

    This course presented lessons in a logical progression order, with enough breadth of information that made me feel like I definitely learned from it. 

    It taught me to think and adapt on-the-fly while still capturing the core story that I had planned.

    I never considered myself a natural or even a good storyteller before this course. I was just a babbling, rambling mess. But this course taught me a simple, repeatable template for how to get to the roots of a story and filter out anything that doesn't contribute, making the overall story telling process more cohesive and understandable. It really is amazing the difference that a little structure makes in telling a story vs telling a rambling series of stories and story tangents that have no bearing on the original point I was trying to make.

    Colette has put together an amazing filmmaking course! It is sequential, logical, and orderly without feeling too overwhelming like an "information dump". It is clear throughout the entire course, that she wants you to be nothing short of successful; not just in the things she says, but also in the things she does to help her students overcome their hurdles as best as she can. 

    You can definitely sense all of the hard work and effort that went into getting this course to be just right! 

    I highly recommend this course for its content, but what's more, I will emphatically recommend Colette as an instructor and mentor, because she is the heart and soul that brings that content to life! 

    The online space is absolutely flooded with filmmaking courses. I've signed up for more of these than I care to admit. Notice I said I "signed up" for the courses and not "completed" the courses.

    Each one of those other courses have left me entirely underwhelmed. Most of them just give you some footage that the course creator filmed, and all it does is teach you how to edit (and not even all that well, in my opinion). 

    I was worried that this was going to be another one of those courses. But this is the ONLY filmmaking course that I found informative, engaging, and motivating enough to see through to completion.

    I know that I would not have been able to just pick this stuff up just by watching some tutorials on YouTube.

    "This course saved me time"

    What often stopped me from studying filmmaking was that it seemed like there were so many different tools and techniques that go into filmmaking, such as cameras, lighting, sound, and editing that I felt overwhelmed.

    I decided to take this filmmaking program because I was beginning to make short films at my work, but really had no idea what I was doing. 

    I was learning bits and pieces here and there on the internet, but I needed more structure to my learning. And I didn't have the time or the money to enrol in film school. 

    This program seemed like a good fit for me, the way it was structured.

    I could learn online at a reasonable pace. The course is full of common-sense approaches and taught in a language I could understand. 

    The entire filmmaking course is fantastic, but what was most useful for me was the insightful feedback and positive encouragement that would come after I was finished a project.

    I also loved the tone of the teaching. It's funny and personable and at the same time practical and professional. I really like having both the text to read through alongside the video and audio instructions.

    This course saved me time compared to what it would’ve taken to learn this on YouTube. 

    Looking for the right tutorials on YouTube can be time-consuming and filled with distractions. YouTube can't teach you a course on filmmaking that is put together in a cohesive and comprehensive way and then follow it up with feedback specific to your learning needs.

    Because of this course I was able to assist in the planning and shooting stages of some filmmaking projects where I work as well as fully edit some videos. I am beginning to create tutorials for a YouTube channel that I started as a side project for myself.

    It’s hard to articulate this stuff, but I really appreciate your teaching and mentoring this last year. 

    I know that I would not have been able to just pick this stuff up just by watching some tutorials on YouTube.

    I really appreciate how much thought you put into the course, how you structured it, and the mentoring feedback loop woven into the assignments.


    What STUDENTS ARE Saying:

    Six weeks is the perfect amount of time to gain a solid solo filmmaking foundation and learn how to create shot sequences and edit on pro software.

    You'll be creating 9 mini projects in the span of six weeks.

    Your final film will be a montage-style editing project where you create a time capsule of your life. It's a super fun project that puts your creativity and editing to the test!

    In the weeks leading up to your "final edit," you'll be editing small projects each week.

    If you have extra time, you can go bigger with your projects. All the assignments are scalable. You can make them tiny and manageable. Or you can go wild and add complexity.

    The projects are open to interpretation, so you can mold them to your areas of interest.

    You will not be focusing on sound recording in the 6-Week program. By saving sound for later, you're able to focus on framing, visual storytelling, and creating a solid base.

    However, once you've completed the 6-week course, you can keep going with the Bonus Advanced Filmmaking Program included with this purchase. The Bonus Program covers sound in depth.

    We've Got Answers:

    got questions?

    What are the projects?

    The course has over 50 training videos and tutorials. But it's not a bunch of fluff.

    I'm not wasting your time with a ton of info that you don't need.

    Instead, the training videos are there to expand on a concept in the lesson, answer common questions, or provide step-by-step instructions.

    When it comes to learning video editing, how-to tutorials are a must! But when it comes to learning filmmaking, doing practice activities is the most important thing.

    This course does not require that you watch a bazillion videos in order to get results. Instead, it requires that you roll up your sleeves and start filming!

    Does the course have training videos and tutorials?

    You can do anything! This course is a jumping off point.

    It's designed to train your eye and your mind and get you started taking action. Once you finish the Solo Filmmaking Course, you have an advanced filmmaking bonus.

    You can choose to continue learning with a 5-module advanced training that takes you into the world of sound recording and creating your first legit documentary-style film!

    I highly recommend that you keep going.

    Once you're done the advanced training, there are additional trainings that allow you to go deeper into storytelling, sound, lenses, and lighting.

    You can make a documentary, start a business, get work as a video creator, make a micro-low-budget crew-based film, or teach beginner filmmaking. 

    But most importantly, you'll keep improving your skills and making more films!

    What can I do after I finish the course?

    Most filmmaking courses online are just a bunch of videos with no step-by-step process.

    It's really hard for new filmmakers who are pressed for time to learn filmmaking just based on informational videos.

    This film production course teaches you exactly how to make films from start to finish and is based on making projects that slowly become more challenging.

    This course is based on DOING not watching.

    You learn when you have a step-by-step process that allows you to take action.

    How is this different from other courses or classes for filmmakers?

    2024 Program Info

    Start Date: July 8th

    End Date: August 16th

    prep Week: July 1st to 7th

    Upon program enrolment, you will receive access to the prep week materials and the first 3 lessons in the course.

    The rest of the course will drip out as we go through the materials together.

    This course is yours for life. All pdfs and audio recordings are yours to download. Videos are permanently hosted online.

    Ask Your Questions

    Let's chat!

    I want to make sure that you're successful.

    That's why this course has a live component. If you’ve taken online programs before you know there’s usually minimal connection with the teacher and very little feedback. That’s not the case with this program.

    If you’re ready to accelerate your learning and start improving your filmmaking skills then this is the program for you. 

    Your Success Guarantee

    start filmmaking

    The Better-Filmmaker Money Back Guarantee

    If you do all the assignments in the Foundational 6-Week Course and submit them to me within the live program period, and yet, you're not happy with your progress by the end of the live program, you have 30 days to get a full refund. 

    No questions asked. My philosophy is that we only want happy money — so if you're not happy, we don't want to keep your money.

    Why do we offer this action-based guarantee? Because this program works! It's actually impossible to fail. If you do the projects (which are FUN to do), then you will gain skills and make progress.

    Also, this program and ALL the bonuses are yours for life. They're worth way more than the cost of the program and are designed to get you results. So if life happens and you don't complete the course in 6 weeks, don't worry. 

    You can do it any time. And you'll get all the updates and new materials for life!

    Don’t Wait for Someone to Greenlight Your Filmmaking Dreams

    Many an aspiring filmmaker has waited around for some magical person in the film industry to say yes to their project, only to find themselves 10 years older with no film in hand.

    You can absolutely go to 4-year film school where you learn from "legendary" industry professionals and take workshops from industry leaders.

    There's nothing wrong with that.

    But the time and cost involved are mega. And that type of long program is best for people who want to make crew-based films and become masters of networking.

    Instead, if you want to make short films, music videos, create documentary-style shorts, maybe try your hand at video marketing, and create fun projects that you're passionate about, I recommend starting with solo filmmaking.

    You'll learn the entire filmmaking process, from start to finish, when you make a short film.

    You'll go from idea to post production ten times in six weeks. (For real!)

    By repeating this process over and over at a small scale and with low risk, you'll actually walk away with production and filmmaking skills.


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