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Story Envelope Media is a Vancouver-based company-of-one focused on helping thriving businesses grow and reach more people.

How? With a smart digital marketing strategy that suits your business needs. Your business might need SEO, website conversion upgrades, online video production, and copywriting. But the point isn't to just do random marketing. The idea is to grow your business using the marketing tools that will actually make the biggest difference over the long-term. 

Hi! I'm Colette, the owner of Story Envelope Media. I'd love to hear more about your story and the big vision you have for growing your business.

If you're looking to reach more people or connect with your ideal clients more effectively through video, story, or SEO, then please keep reading. 



The smart and simple way

That's when having an online strategy comes into play. Whether you're just looking for a video series that will connect with your clients and prospective customer or you want a full online strategy, I can help.

Leveraging online video and storytelling to help businesses grow is my main area. But I always look at a business's BIG picture.

Sometimes video isn't the answer. You deserve to know what's right for your business and not just take on strategies that make no sense.

I also use SEO and Video SEO to bring my clients outstanding results. When you combine good storytelling and smart strategy, getting found online becomes inevitable.

Almost every business owner wants growth. But what do you do when you've maxed out word of mouth? Or you simply want to speed up growth? You need a logical and simple strategy that's measurable. 

Let's grow your business!

"I wanted to thank you for all that you do and for who you are.  The video you did of us is amazing!  You captured us and the essence of what we want to give to our heroes in the world."

Tiffany & John



60x traffic with no ads

We grew organic traffic from 100 organic visitors per month to 6000 organic visitors per month. To find out how we did this, please schedule a call with me.

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


SWAN Wealth is a wealth management company based out of Kelowna, BC. Owners Tiffany and John wanted to get found online by their ideal clients.

Working together we grew their website traffic by over 2600%. (Nope, that's not a typo!) We've generated traffic that would have cost over $250,000 a year if you had to pay for the Google PPC.

We also created a series of videos that allow new ideal clients to feel like they already know and trust SWAN Wealth before they've even booked the first call. Finally, we upgraded their website so that ideal clients feel immediately at peace and at home when they land on the site. The side effect: way more booked calls and way more leads.

In summary, we boosted their business using a smart strategy that attracts the right people to their website and brings them into their sales process more quickly and effectively.

The result: outrageous business growth!

"Colette Nichol is a joy to work with. I did my first promo video with her, and it was delightful. She is the female equivalent to Steven Spielberg! If you do not use video in your marketing, NOW is the time!"




"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


Rick is a Financial Advisor from Texas. He was one of my very first clients and will always have a super special place in my heart!
Rick had been looking for a video that would help communicate how his business is different and do so with soul and meaning.

He wanted to tell his story. But he couldn't find the right production team. If you're a heart-centred business owner, it can be tough to find people who really get you. He flew to Vancouver, and we created a beautiful video that captured the essence of his business.

That video help clients get to know him before they'd ever met him. He's had clients tell him that they knew he was the one as soon as they saw his video. It's a lot easier to have that first meeting when someone is already sold on you.   

Get the Word Out!

Story-based or educational videos that capture your essence will help you grow your biz.


Need help coming up with a strategy or deciding what direction to take with your marketing?


Grow your business with an SEO strategy that brings the right people to your website.



Some of the People I've Helped

Who do I work with? In short, really nice people! I like to help visionary, creative, professional, and helpful humans who want to make the world a better place through their businesses. If that sounds like you, please get in touch.

A Few Favourite Micro Films

Goal: To help ideal prospective clients connect with the owners and to build instant trust and differentiation.


Goal: To create a story-based video that would share how special the Paper-Oh Notebooks are. 


Goal: To create a quirky brand video that would appeal to the creative and adventurous spirit of the target market.


Goal: To capture the essence of the print-making process and communicate the value.


Video Series Production

YoUTube Series

Goal: To create a a series of videos that help buyers decide what size of print to buy for their home.


Goal: To create a series of educational videos that would attract ideal clients and boost website traffic.

This video series alongside a smart SEO blogging strategy helped SWAN increase their website traffic by 60x without any paid advertising. From 100 organic visitors to 6000 per month.

This video series helped to increase product sales by more than 50% within the first few months of launch. A good video can be simple!

From concept to delivery

Smart SEO to Boost Sales

Pillar Pages

Then we add blog posts that feed the pillar pages while also attracting highly targeted traffic.


First you start with 5-10 Pillar Pages that create the structural base for your website's traffic growth.


I create templates for you based on extensive research on your market and what people are searching.


Ideally, you'll write the posts yourself. I shouldn't take longer than 1-hour per post since you have base knowledge.


If the topic isn't technical, then I can do the writing for you. In most cases, it will be best if I do the edit for you.


If you have a team, they'll post for you, and I'll simply review. Or if you don't have a team, I'll do it for you.


It usually takes 3-6 months to start seeing the benefit of the SEO work. With 10 pillars and 20-30 blog posts, you'll see substantial jump in traffic. With 1-2 year plan, you can often 20x your traffic. Depending on your market this can bring you traffic that would have cost $100K/year or more in paid ads. This can easily add millions to your bottom line each year.


If you have a team that you want to take over your SEO and maintenance, I'll create the SOPs for you so they can take over.


When you hire a marketing assistant or manager who can take on your SEO, I'll train them so they know what to focus on for growth.


Because I love to see big results, my goal on any project is usually to make myself redundant. Once you've achieved a certain level of growth, you'll usually want to hire someone who can keep going with what we've started together. This means, you won't need to work with me long-term on your SEO.

The same goes for video, by the way. I'm happy to train your marketing team to create the type of long-term content that will keep your business growing for years.

Eventually, you'll have grown so much that you might not need me. This is win-win. I get to see awesome growth (that's what I live for!) and you get my expertise when you need it and not a moment longer.  

The Goal: Grow Your Business

+ Make Myself Redundant

1. Research

2. Execution

3. MANAGE Traffic

3 Steps of SEO Success


Find out if your niche is a goldmine of unexploited SEO potential!

Colette, This sent shivers! It is great.


Colette, This sent shivers! It is great.


Colette made a wonderful video about my art. My work, which combines photography, digital work and hands-on studio work, is a bit hard to categorize and therefore, I found, hard explain to others. 

Colette took plenty of time to interview me ahead of the project, gathering my rather scattered thoughts on the project. She presented me with a fabulously clear and comprehensive proposal for the video, having been able to translate my rather disorganized ideas into a workable and effective project . 

In every aspect of the job, she was a pleasure to work with. Colette is perceptive, creative and sensitive. She is also skilled technically, organized, punctual, and very clear in her communications. I have rarely worked with anyone with such a great combination of skills. 

Plus, I was completely delighted with the final video, which communicates exactly what I hoped it would.

-June Hunter

June Hunter



What's Next?


I'm typically booked a few months in advance or more, so make an appointment with me early if you have a project in mind. 

I'd love to know what your business goals are and come up with a strategy to bring them to life!

If you're interested in finding out how I can help you grow your business, please get in touch. 

IF YOU're...

If you're committed to doing good in the world, we'll probably be a good fit! Kindness and leaving things better than they were before are two of my main values.

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