Lighting for Filmmaking

Lighting for filmmaking is as simple as paying attention to the shadows. It’s not the light that matters so much as the shadows. Learn more!

Lighting for Filmmaking: ONE Simple Brain-Training Trick

Cinematic Lighting

Do you need a little filmmaking pick-me-up? Some extra motivation? Then this manifesto is for you.

Filmmaker Motivation – Be a Scrappy Filmmaker!

Filmmaking Basics

What are the most important things you need to do to prep for a client gig? Well, I’m about to tell you!

Freelance Filmmaker Tips for Your First Important Client Gig

Learn Filmmaking

So you want to understand film lighting types and techniques? Great! It’s one of the most under-exploited ways to improve a film.

4 Essential Film Lighting Types Filmmakers Should Know

Cinematic Lighting

Find out the top things you need to know about filmmaking, from shot sizes and angles to the three stages of production.

Top Filmmaking Basics Every Beginner Needs to Know

Filmmaking Basics

What is the cost of filmmaking?

What’s the actual cost of filmmaking? One of the things that used to keep me stuck was the idea that I could only become a filmmaker if I got financing. I was obsessed with the cost of filmmaking. Would I ever have enough money to make a movie!?!?! This plagued me. I thought that to […]

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Movie?

Filmmaking Basics

Online Filmmaking Courses | Everything You Need to Know

Before you dive into the sea of online filmmaking courses, you should decide what kind of filmmaker you want to be.

Online Filmmaking Courses: EVERYTHING You Need to Know To Start Learning Filmmaking Online

Filmmaking Basics

Have you ever struggled to learn something new? You start to wonder if there’s something wrong with you because you can’t seem to progress past a certain point.

How to Learn (absolutely anything!)

Learn Filmmaking

Do you hear the word “sales” and think of a guy with a comb-over wearing a polyester suit and trying to talk you into buying a used Honda Civic?

How to Sell Anything without Being Salesy

Marketing & Small Biz

Discover Your Filmmaker Archetype

Discover Your Filmmaker Archetype

Free Quiz

Have you been dreaming of making films for a long freaking time? Maybe it's time to get started. Take this 2-minute quiz and discover your filmmaker archetype + my tips on how you can get started based on your interests and skills. You'll also get gear advice based on your exact filmmaker archetype. This is great info, so click below to get started.