Photographers and video shooters often struggle with finding the right balance between accessibility and protection when storing lenses. So here’s what I do…

How To Store Camera Lenses

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What is a pancake lens? A pancake lens is a type of camera lens that’s extremely slim and compact. OK, but are they any good!?

What is a pancake lens?


If you’re in the market for a new lens, you need to be sure that you’re buying the right lens for you camera body’s mount.

Lens Mount Guide for Cameras: All Major Systems

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Let’s talk lens facts. But let’s keep it simple. I’ve got ten tiny lens facts for you.

10 Must-Know Lens Facts for Solo Filmmakers and Video Shooters


“What is the BEST Canon lens for video!?!” There are four Canon lenses that are best for video.

The Ultimate Guide to the BEST Canon Lens for Video

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You’ve got a camera, or you’re thinking of buying one and you want to know what the best lens for video is. Great! But there’s one problem, the answer to this question is nuanced.

The Best Lens For Video Hands Down

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what is a macro lens

What the heck is a macro lens? Read and find out! This lens can be super useful for creating extreme close ups as well as product videos.

What is a Macro lens?

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FACT: you don't need fancy gear to get started with filmmaking. But you do need some basics. This guide and checklist will walk you through the simple gear that you need to start filmmaking. If this is the year YOU become a filmmaker, then this is for you.

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