In this article, I’m going to help you avoid the biggest filmmaking mistakes that make low-budget and zero-budget movies look cheap.

17 Filmmaking Mistakes that Make Low-Budget Movies Look Cheap (and How to Fix ‘Em!)

Filmmaking Basics

If you’re making a movie or just finished post, you need to know how to market your finished film.

How to Market a Movie and Build an Audience for Your Films

Marketing & Small Biz

Time to write a logline and tackle that screenplay? Here’s a foolproof method to write a logline.

How to Write a Logline that Works

Filmmaking Basics

If you sometimes worry that you might lose all your footage, then read this post and create your backup system!

How to Back Up Your Footage and Hard Drives So You NEVER Lose a Single Bit of Data

Filmmaking Basics

No matter where you are in your filmmaking journey, you can experience the paralyzing fear of doing it wrong. Sound familiar?

How to Overcome the Fear of DOING IT WRONG as a Filmmaker

Filmmaking Basics

Wondering if you can get started filmmaking using JUST your cell phone? You can. Learn how!

iPhone Filmmaking for Beginners: Tools, Tips and Accessories

Filmmaking Basics

Actually, my butt got dive-bombed. This is a first for me. I reached up to begin a sun salutation, bent forward, and then BAM!

These 3 Video Interview Tips Will Save Your Next Film Shoot

Filmmaking Basics

When it comes to film lighting, you need to get this ONE thing right. It’s the basis of more than half the lighting you’ll do.

Film Lighting: Why Clouds Are Your Friends When Making Films and Videos

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You CAN make money filmmaking. It’s just a matter of persistence, strategy, and loving what you do.

How to Make Money Filmmaking (Even If You’re Just Getting Started)

Filmmaking Basics

FACT: you don't need fancy gear to get started with filmmaking. But you do need some basics. This guide and checklist will walk you through the simple gear that you need to start filmmaking. If this is the year YOU become a filmmaker, then this is for you.

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