Reflections on Deep Creative Magic and My Sound Bath Experiences

December 22, 2021


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By Colette Nichol, Solo Filmmaker and Story Strategist…and Avid Sound Bath Lover!

Estimated reading time: 13 minutes

Image of Faye Mallett, the Vancouver-based musician (and sonic wizard) with whom I co-created the Deep Creative Magic sound bath experience. This is one of her minimalist sound bath setups.

This post is a return to old-school blogging as I reflect on the sound bath and guided meditation experience I’m going through over the next 7 days. I hope it inspires you to go deep this year and discover what parts of your creativity are longing to be expressed.

Table of Contents

Day 1 – Sound Bath Experience

Day 1 Video – Sound Bath Reflections

Day 2 – Sound Bath Experience

Day 2 Video – Sound Bath Reflections

What Is a Sound Bath?

How to Prepare for a Sound Bath

These days most of the posts that I create for the Story Envelope Blog are designed to help people in a tangible way by giving tips and advice so you can become more creative, a better filmmaker, or boost your business.

However, there’s something to be said for simply sharing our experiences like we did back in the days of old-school blogging.

In this post, which I will update over the course of the next few days and weeks, I’m going to share my Deep Creative Magic experience.

What the heck is that!?!

With friend and collaborator Faye Mallett, we’ve created an experience designed to help visual storytellers, artists, and entrepreneurs feel deeply restored so that they can unleash their creative genius in the new year.

It’s a combination of hero’s journey storytelling, imagination-stretching guided inner adventures, and deep sonic restoration via singing bowl sound baths. There are also some extra treats within the experience such as ASMR tingles, a money mindset audio series, and a clutter-clearing guided journaling experience.

It’s essentially a toolkit for creative humans who want to feel more calm, clear, and creative in the coming months and years.

So here we go… I’m definitely feeling nervous about sharing all of this publicly…but what the hell! Here’s to Deep Creative Magic, and sharing who we are in an authentic and generous manner!

Ah yes, deep calm in the cozy corner. Find a quiet and comfortable place to have your first sound bath!

DEEP CREATIVE MAGIC – DAY 1 – The Big Sound Bath!

This first sound bath completely surprised me.

Faye and I filmed and recorded this sound bath together. So I was there for the recording. And I recall that around the 15-minute mark I had fallen into a deep state of calm even though I was watching my monitor and not actually in sound-bath mode.

But going into the deep with this sound bath was a whole different experience.

I lay down on the floor in the cozy corner—it’s a place in our apartment where there are tons of cushions—put on my mega headphones, pressed play, and closed my eyes.

At around the ten-minute mark, I needed to adjust my position, which I did.

Then around the 15-minute mark, my forehead started to buzz. That’s when I realized that this was going to be a strong one for me.

I entered the sound bath with a desire to gain clarity around a few things.

  1. Should I start a YouTube channel in the new year…and if so, what should it look like?
  2. Where should I stretch myself next in terms of my filmmaking skillset?
  3. What should I do to make the Solo Filmmaking Program even better this year?

Here’s what I uncovered during this sound bath….

Day of the Sound Bath is all about going deep into yourself and setting the stage for more self-discovery.

Day 1 Video – Reflections on the Sound Bath

First, I can’t actually believe I’m sharing this video.

But, I guess, what the hell. I know I want to share how the experience goes for me for two reasons. First, I’d like to inspire you to give it a try. And second, I’d like to integrate what I’m learning through a reflection process. If I make it public then I can do both things. Hopefully, I’ll also inspire you to dig deep and take action.

Next, I have a feeling my next filmmaking project is going to be personal. So maybe this is a dress rehearsal for that! Not sure… And I’m thinking of starting a new hashtag… #NOHAIRBRUSH because apparently, my new thing is to not brush my hair and then film myself! 🙂 Okay, please enjoy and see if you relate to anything I’m sharing.

  1. The thing that’s blocking me from taking the next steps in my professional and business life is a fear of not belonging.

    In other words, I’m attached to the fact that I feel a sense of belonging in where I am right now. And I’m worried that as I stretch higher and deeper and grow my business that I won’t belong any longer. I suppose I’m afraid that the people who like or love me NOW, won’t like me any longer if I grow my business and my filmmaking success. WOW! Was not expecting that. The keyword for me here is BELONGING. Yep, I can now admit it. I want to belong somewhere. Can you relate?

2. I went deep into some totally nostalgic memories of being a kid and creating a proposal for the first time.

First, I was falling through the feelings and thought processes I had when I first became aware of the idea that you could make money by solving people’s problems. I haven’t seen those places and felt those feelings in a long time. It was a good reminder. It’s connected my early life living on a vineyard and winery with my parents and my desire to earn an income because my allowance was tiny and I wasn’t old enough to get a “real job.” I felt a sense of purpose, utility and belonging as I created the proposal for my mother and had it accepted. But I also remember feeling worried because I enjoyed the work so much and couldn’t believe that I was getting paid “so much” to do it!

3. I got the idea that the thing that’s been blocking my next step with filmmaking is that I’ve been hung up on the WHERE.

Now I see that even if I decide to distribute for free on YouTube the WHERE doesn’t matter. My focus needs to be on what I’m making and why I’m making it. I’m considering creating some long-form cinematic videos that share my exploration of creativity. It would be self-revealing but also provide insights and useful actions to others. Just an idea right now.

DAY 2 – Enter the Deep Mini Sound Bath and Guided Meditation

This second day was way more gentle.

But it still had a huge effect. This part of the experience has two parts: the mini sound bath and the guided inner adventure.

I’d already done both of them before, but I’d never done them together.

The most tangible benefit was that I get a huge creative download right after finishing the experience. I wrote out 20 ideas for a Money Mindset training that I am adding to the experience. Then I went to bed.

I woke up and was completely energized and refreshed. This happened to me yesterday as well.

Below I’ve shared my HRV readings the morning after the first two experiences. I measure my heart rate variability each morning to know how well-balanced my body is and how much stress I can take on. It’s a reading out of 10, and as you can see below I got perfect readings! Kinda cool.

I was expecting 8 or 9. But 10 is even better!

Day 2 Sound Bath Reflections Video

To get more the emotional inside scoop on Day 2, watch the video!

This one gave me a surprise question that I need need to mull over.

It’s another #NOHAIRBRUSH video for ya! Yes, I filmed this within the first hour of getting up.

So I think that’s it for now. I’ll update this post again after doing the next experience. I’m excited to share more with you!

And if you want to join the experience, please go to You will love it!

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Sound Bath for Creativity
A sound bath can really boost your creativity! That’s just ONE of the many benefits.

What Is a Sound Bath?

A sound bath is a sonic experience that will allow you to enter a state of deep rest without learning or doing any specific actions.

It is something that happens to you and with you. 

During a sound bath, your brain waves will become alpha and theta dominant. Whereas in regular day-to-day life, your brain waves are beta dominant. As you go about your daily life, you are in a state of alertness which allows you to get things done. 

However, if you’re stressed, you may be acting from a state of hypervigilance, also called high-beta. The high-beta state is an inefficient way to run the brain and will exhaust you if experienced in an ongoing manner. 

As a side note, our brain waves are oscillating electrical voltages.
Similar to sound frequencies, we can measure our brain waves in Hz.

Gamma: 35+ Hz – Concentration

Beta: 12-35 Hz – Busy, active mind, can also be anxious

Alpha: 8-12 Hz – Relaxed, passive, reflective, restful 

Theta: 4-8 Hz – Dreamlike state, very restful, inward-focused 

Delta: 0.5-4Hz – Sleep

The more stressed or worried you are in your daily life, the more you need experiences like a sound bath to bring you back into a state of rest. While for those who are not experiencing daily stress, a sound bath will be a vital tool for optimizing your creativity, learning about yourself, integrating new experiences, and staving off future burnout. 

How does it work? By bringing you into an alpha or theta state, you can rest and restore.

Alpha brain waves reflect a state of rest similar to what you may experience during deep meditation. However, in a sound bath, you will experience this rest whether you’re “good” at meditating or not. There’s no skill required to experience the profound effects of a sound bath. The alpha state is one of quiet flowing thought, and you feel present and are calm yet alert. It gives your brain a chance to rest. 

If you have been spending a lot of time learning or creating, or coming up with ideas, you may find that the sound bath allows you to integrate these experiences. The alpha state is one of integration. 

Next, theta brain waves indicate that you’ve gone into an even deeper state of rest—they are present during REM sleep, hypnosis, and deep meditation. However, during a sound bath, you will experience the rest and restoration of this state of deep relaxation without doing anything specific. You simply lie on the floor or sit comfortably and allow the sounds to wash over you.

You might not reach the theta state until 40 minutes into your sound bath. 

For this reason, it’s essential to do the full-length sound bath. Even if lying down for 1 hour doing absolutely nothing seems intimidating, give it a try. You can even do it right before bed.

The theta state is a dreamlike state where you explore imagery that emerges organically from your subconscious. In this state, many sound bath attendees experience interesting breakthroughs around personal or professional issues or begin unraveling experiences or blocks that have been plaguing them. 

As you can see, a sound bath goes far beyond stress relief. However, the stress relief alone makes it worth the experience.

These are some of the benefits you may experience from a sound bath:

  • Get your creativity flowing again
  • Release tension
  • Feel calm and peaceful
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Feel uplifted in mood
  • Experience a deep state of rest
  • Sleep exceptionally well for one to three nights afterwards
  • Balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system (I’ve measured this using an HRV meter, and it really works!)
  • Discover areas of your life where you’ve been blocking yourself
  • See how you can unblock those areas and let go of what’s holding you back
You will feel completely refreshed after a sound bath. On the day of the sound bath you should be very gentle with yourself. But the DAY AFTER, you’ll likely have a ton of energy!

How to Prepare for a Sound Bath


A sound bath can be a deeply restorative experience. All you need is some time alone, a good pair of headphones, and a cozy corner.

A full sound bath is usually 1 hour long. Give yourself 1.5 hours to have the full experience with enough rest on either side of the sound bath.

For a shorter experience, simply give yourself five extra minutes after the experience to rest and relax. If you’re doing a pre-recorded sound bath, allow yourself to be alone and in a warm and cozy place where you won’t be disturbed.


Your sound bath will be a transformative experience if you allow it to be. Open yourself up to the possibilities. Go in with an open mind and an open heart.


Expect to have incredible dreams for at least one night after the sound bath. They will be WILD! Explore what they mean.

Expect to feel restless for the first few minutes. Everyone is different. But it’s not uncommon to enter an alpha state of deep rest within the first few minutes. You may enter the theta state during the full sound bath at 30-40 minutes.  

Through the sound bath, you’ll feel deeply relaxed yet wakeful. Although, yes, some people fall asleep midway. But try to stay awake if you can.

Allow yourself to have the full experience. It’s worth it. Your mind will wander, and that’s normal. Allow it to wander. Then listen again, and see what comes up.


Enter the sound bath with an intention. What are you trying to unravel or unfold right now? Go in with the intention to unravel something, and you’ll find unexpected answers within yourself.

A sound bath is not meditation—it is sonic restoration. All you have to do is listen. Do nothing. Feel better.


You might find some pressure on your eyes or forehead when doing a sound bath. These are some extras that might add to your experience:

  • Eye pillow to relieve any forehead pressure during the sound bath.
  • Blanket and pillow for comfort.
  • Yoga cushion for comfort.
  • Good headphones.


Lying down or sitting up? It’s up to you. For a deeper experience, lie down. For a more kinetic experience, sit up. You can move if you need to. There’s no wrong way to do this.


Take the time you need to return to the space. Then drink lots of water and have a cozy day or evening at home.


Be gentle with yourself after the experience. Things are changing. Honor yourself with what you need.


Click here to join Deep Creative Magic, a sound bath and guided meditation experience for creatives.

Or if you’re in Vancouver join Faye Mallett for one of her amazing live sound baths.

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