Let's Make Your Films & Videos 10x BETTER!

It doesn't take $50,000 in gear to make your videos look 10x better. So what does it take? Some basic know-how and some basic gear. It'll take you an hour to go through all of these videos. I recommend you do it in one sitting. :)


This course is a series of seven videos that will walk you through some vitally important areas of filmmaking that are often overlooked. It’s designed for anyone who is new to filmmaking.

It’s about an hour of content, so this is what I recommend you do:

Pick a good time to watch the videos and schedule a binge session. Grab a coffee or a glass of wine and start watching.

If you’re a note-taker, go ahead and jot some notes down!

For each video think about how you can put the learning into action.

That’s all!

I hope you enjoy watching this mini course as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

P.S. This was made in the middle of a heat wave with no air conditioning. So sometimes it might look like I’m about to expire! :)

Take your shaky, blurry, over-exposed or kinda awkward videos and make 'em audience-ready!

From meh to masterful

Max Out Your Learning

Grab a notebook and pen. Watch the videos and take notes on bits you like and actions you can take.


You'll need about an hour to watch all the videos. Lock the door, and don't let anyone bother you!

60 minutes

We only learn when we take action! So decide what you're going to put to practice. Then film a video!


Since then, I've learned a lot! But if you're a beginner, this is a great place to start.

Why listen to me? I'm a full-time creative, self-taught filmmaker, and a story strategist. I help companies create films that tell stories and connect with their audiences. In 2014, I started teaching myself filmmaking. Then in 2015, I launched a business I haven't looked back. 

Now,  I want to share what I've learned, starting with the foundational elements. 


Okay, now let's get watching!

Hi! I'm Colette



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Lesson 1: How To Make Sure Your Subjects Don’t Look Like Zombies

Lesson 2: How To Make Everyone You Film Look Like a Super Model

Lesson 3: Prevent Your Images from Being Flat and Boring

Lesson 4: Are You a Control Freak? 
Well, That's a Good Thing!

Lesson 5: This is What Separates The Pros from the Amateurs 

Lesson 6: George Lucas’ Secret

Lesson 7: You Cannot Ignore This!

Yes, you made it!

P.S. Interested in learning more about cinematic lighting? Click here —->

That’s fantastic! Now, make sure you apply what you’ve learned as you get out there and start making micro films. 

Until soon!



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